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Contact Us

Feel free to contact us by telephone, email or mail at:

Saint John the Baptist School
4500 Fairfield Avenue
Fort Wayne IN 46807
(260) 456-3321

Jeanne Hohenstein
School Administrative Assistant


School Office Hours

7:30am to 3:30pm -- Monday thru Friday


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Teaching Staff

PS   Mrs. Kristy Beachy JrHi Mrs. Martha Wyss
K   Mrs. Tiffany Heine JrHi Mrs. Cindy Welling
Gr.1   Mrs. Carol McArdle JrHi Mrs. Elizabeth Straley
Gr.2   Mrs. Katie Pleus    
Gr.3   Mrs. Gina Tyner Art Mrs. Sean Didier
Gr.3   Ms. JoElla Graney Library Mrs. Terry Dickerson  
Gr.4   Mrs. Susan Henry      
Gr.5   Mrs. Gail Welling Music Mrs. Kathleen Parr
Gr.6   Mrs. Lisa Zimmerman PE Mr. Barry Halter
Gr.6  Ms. Heather Kasnter  
JrHi   Mrs. Rachel Merz Resource Mrs. Elizabeth Peters

School Staff

  Mrs. Barbara

Principal   Fr. Daniel Whelan

  Mrs. Jeanne

School Admin. Assistant   Mrs. Mary Glowaski

School Counselor
   Mrs. Shank

Lunch / Aide   Mrs. Lauri Fritz

Parish Admin. Assistant
   Mr. Ed Fox

Safe Environment Coordinator   Mr. David Smith
Music Director
   Mr. Tony Hettinger

Mrs. Rhonda Noll