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WELCOME BACK! We are looking forward to a GREAT school year!

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New School Dress Code (click here)

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The 2015 SJB Fall Festival is coming and we desperately need Volunteers! If you can help, call the Parish Office!

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Everyone interested or receiving free or reduced hot lunches MUST reapply by 9/22 at www.schoollunchapp.com

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Hot lunch order forms are due on the Monday after they are sent home in the parent packets. We must order 2 weeks in advance. No late orders will be accepted.

Please do not send money in without an order form. We MUST have an order form for each student receiving a lunch. This includes those receiving Free or Reduced lunches.

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Check the "homework" page for required summer reading for 5th and 6th grade (click here)

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Current Weekly Package to Parents

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Guided by the Gospel, Saint John the Baptist Catholic School teaches a challenging curriculum, relevant to the needs of our children.

Our Mission Statement -- Saint John the Baptist Catholic School will provide a solid Catholic education that prepares students to lead holy and honorable lives for Christ, to become faithful leaders in the community, and thus attain eternal happiness with God.

Our Goals
Develop a strong sense of religion, family, and community - both church and civil --and the tools needed to build leadership in all these areas.
Involve parents, teachers, and students in academics, athletics, and social develolpment with a strong sense of Catholic values.
Stress all aspects of a child's development - spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, moral, and social - while preparing for future educational accomplishments.
Create a positive, respectful, and caring atmosphere for all students, teachers, parents, and members of our faith community.

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