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Principal's Corner

St. John's Principal: Amanda RobinsonParents,


Upon us is the most holy time of the Catholic Church. These three days of the Church year stand out from the rest, and they are called one special name: the Triduum. The Triduum begins on the evening of Holy Thursday (today), when we remember the Last Supper: Jesus took bread and wine, blessed it, broke it, and offered it to his followers. He also washed his disciples' feet to help them realize how they must become servant leaders for all. 

The Triduum continues with Good Friday, when we recall how Jesus was abandoned by his friends, suffered through torture, and was brutally crucified. We remember this one "good" thing about this day: Jesus died for our salvation. On this evening and until the evening of Holy Saturday, we reflect on how we sometimes fail to love others. We pray for each other, yet we eagerly await a much better event. At the Easter Vigil and on Easter Sunday, we celebrate Christ's Resurrection! Jesus' rising from the dead proved that death has no power over us!

As a family, your obligation (if Catholic) is to attend mass on Thursday evening (7pm), a prayer service at 3pm, (rosary will be said at noon) on Friday, and either Easter Vigil mass (8pm) or Easter Sunday mass at 8am or 10:30am. These are Holy Days of Obligation. 

Planting the seed of faith, begins with you. Take your children to mass. Plant the seed. 

A big thank you to Mrs. Cumberland, Mrs. Wyss, and Mr. Halter for the Hoops for Hunger Challenge. Not only did students have a blast competing to earn a multitude of prizes, but we were able to raise $480 for the Children of Mozambique. Thank you to all who participated!

Have a Joyful Triduum. 

In His Footsteps,

Mrs. Jansen