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Principal's Corner

St. John's Principal: Amanda RobinsonParents,

What a wild ride this winter has been! It has been a long time since this area has seen this much snow, ice, and cold. This will be a winter that our children will talk about in the future. “Remember the winter of 2014, when we had a lot of snow and days off of school?” This will be this generations “winter of ‘78” or blizzard of ’82.

With that being said, we have many snow days to make up this year. In consultation with teachers, staff, and other schools, Saint John the Baptist will be extending the educational day for students and adding days to our calendar. We have 14 total days to make up. At this time, we have a waiver for 2 of the days and we have already made one day up. In past years, we have gone to school on Good Friday, however, the diocesan Vicar General does not allow us to do that any longer. This leaves a total of 11 days left to make up.

Since we have middle school in our building, we must have at least six hours of instructional time in our school day. Therefore, we have a total of 36 hours of instructional time to make up (6 days X 6 hours per day = 36 hours).

March 3rd through April 29th the school day will now run from 7:30am till 3:30pm. All students will start arriving at school at 7:30, with classes starting at 7:40am. Dismissal will occur at 3:30pm. We will be adding May 23-30 to the student calendar as well.

Utilizing this schedule will allow families to still enjoy their summer, and students the opportunity to gain the essential skills needed to advance their educational achievement. By moving to this extended day schedule we will still have our Spring Break. Keep in mind, these dates will hold as long as we have no additional school cancellations. Many families have plans for Spring Break and end of school family vacations which involve cash deposits and other things already paid for in which those families cannot be reimbursed. High absenteeism still means that the students would be missing out on full school days.

If you have any questions about our extended day calendar, please feel free to contact me. I thank you in advanced for support and continued support in St. John the Baptist Catholic School.

In His Footsteps,

Mrs. Jansen